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System overview(RFID Campus/Factory/Property Access Solution)

RFID campus/factory/property intelligent safety management system (access management system) is a set of intelligent management system for unified access management, unified attendance and related automatic notification. This system is a set of information exchange system which integrates advanced RFID technology, 110 linkage alarm technology, access control technology, computer technology and wireless communication technology. It can monitor all incoming and outgoing situations, entering and leaving schools and office areas in real time, and inform receiving terminals in time. The system can adjust the system settings according to different situations of schools, factories and parking lots. Design structure, so that it can play a safe access, monitoring access, file information management and other functions.

By carrying a remote sensing card on the end user, when entering and leaving, the card is automatically installed in the reader and writer at the entrance and exit. According to the list issued by the computer, it can monitor the legitimate identity of the entrants and exits, alarm the social personnel in time by sound and light, and record the situation of entry and exit separately; install alarm buttons in the communication room, and install access control system at the gate to effectively deter illegal activities.

Intrusion. The system product is composed of software system and hardware system, in which the software system is positioning recognition and attendance software, which is used to complete information acquisition, identification, processing and transmission. The hardware system consists of a reader, a radio frequency card and a controller. It is used to collect information, so as to realize the system function of automatic identification and the goal of information management.

Applicable to campus, factories, residential property access management.

Advantage analysis(RFID Campus/Factory/Property Access Solution)

(1) Effective and timely communication of information

Through the short message service platform, students'information can be sent to parents through short messages. Parents can accurately know their children's arrival and departure time, determine the safety situation of students on the road, and the status of students in school, such as attendance, absence, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes between parents and schools. It also provides legal basis for guaranteeing the rights of both schools and students'parents, making them more open, transparent and fair. The most important thing is that the direction of school and family has information symmetry, convenient and fast information communication, so that educators and students'parents can better cooperate with each other, and improve the quality of education as a whole. Schools can also use the system to implement internal management, such as the attendance system for teachers and students, the monthly cumulative data, the system automatically generates attendance reports, as well as the relevant education departments to understand the situation of each school in real time, to facilitate the assessment of school attendance level.

(2) Reducing the total cost of ownership

RFID tag cards minimize the price as much as possible. They can be charged by deposit, and students can drop out after graduation or transfer. The RFID tag card has fine workmanship, is not easy to be damaged and can be used for a long time. Students only need to pay some low-cost SMS fees every month. One-time investment is large, and there is little workload in the later period. Compared with other systems, the system has obvious advantages of large maintenance and large workload. The system is advanced in technology and centralized management, which improves the level of campus informatization and reduces the overall cost of ownership of the school as a whole.

(3) Image enhancement

By configuring customized electronic school emblem, the management level and campus image of the school are effectively improved.

Function introduction(RFID Campus/Factory/Property Access Solution)

(1) Gate data acquisition

The gate data acquisition equipment is composed of a long-distance radio frequency identification system. The gate is equipped with two sets of long-distance radio frequency identification system. When the cardholder passes through the gate, the time and place information of the passage of the cardholder can be collected automatically and remotely.

(2) Data transmission

Data transmission is mainly to complete the network connection between the door and the communication room. The system is composed of gate data acquisition equipment and interface protocol. Data transmission is equipped with the following equipment: communication cable, controller and computer.

(3) Attendance Management

Attendance management part mainly completes the processing of uploaded data, provides complete traffic record report, generates attendance and other statistical reports, and records the status of personnel in and out in real time.

(4) Location management

Through the active electronic tags carried by students, the positioning platform software uploads positioning information actively, and through wireless coverage AP, through triangulation calculation and wireless signal strength, combined with the platform algorithm, real-time display of students'location in virtual electronic maps, and can return to the historical trajectory. In order to further enhance the campus security management.

System topological graph(RFID Campus/Factory/Property Access Solution)

configuration(RFID Campus/Factory/Property Access Solution)

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