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System overview(Face Recognition System Solution)

Face recognition system is an information management system based on face recognition technology, which is developed for the actual situation of government departments, enterprises, staff attendance, access control, canteen catering, parking and other information management systems. Realize the function of "a smiling face, a passing unit".

Face recognition system uses advanced face recognition technology and optimized terminal design, which makes recognition faster, larger capacity and stronger communication function. The software adopts modular design to facilitate user customization. Compared with the traditional one-card system, Yonghao system is convenient, efficient and advanced, which highlights the quality of management, and is more suitable for application in the office and CBD.

System Functional Structure and Working Principle

1. General design ideas

Face recognition system is based on the overall design idea of "taking employees as service objects, taking enterprise management as purpose, taking various information technology as management means, combining with people-oriented service concept, realizing the integrated management system of face authentication through attendance, access authority authentication, meal authentication and so on".

2. Overall structure

In the overall structure design of the system, considering the current situation and future system expansion requirements, multi-interface, open framework design is adopted.

The central platform of the face recognition system is the core layer, which consists of central database, personnel management, system management and other modules. It mainly manages all kinds of application subsystems and hardware terminals, and manages business flow and data flow.

Application subsystem module: The subsystem is the application service layer of Smile Communication System, which provides various application function management of the system, including canteen consumption, access control, attendance, meeting check-in, visitor management, vehicle access monitoring and other subsystems. Through the professional customized Hanwang facial recognition equipment to collect all kinds of information occurring in the terminal, through the computer terminal, to manage all kinds of information, to provide various services related to face recognition for leaders and employees.

Third-party application interface: The system provides standard interface, open communication protocol, convenient third-party personnel management system, OA office system and so on to access Smile Center Platform through a unified application interface to realize data sharing and data exchange.

3. System Structure

(1) Software architecture

In view of the actual situation of the organization, the system adopts a combination of client/server and browser/server architecture from the perspectives of reliability, manageability, extensibility, development and security. Client/server is mainly used for those parts with complex interface, confidentiality, high security and database modification operation. Browser/server uses HTTP of WWW technology to browse information based on pages. It is used in those parts which mainly focus on information sharing, information communication, information retrieval and query. With the browser/server structure design system, users can query public information without installing special client software, and do not need special training for users. Moreover, when upgrading the system, they only need to modify the data and application of the server side, which is convenient for maintenance.

In the design and development of the application program, site and component are adopted. Different services correspond to different functional modules. Moreover, when each operator and user accesses a certain system, only applications within their permission and related processing data appear on the site. Through the customization function of the system, the friendliness and security of the system can be improved.

(2) Network structure

The system can be upgraded smoothly on the original card network of the government, or it can form a network separately.

System application

Face recognition is suitable for enterprise groups, institutions, education and training, etc.

Advantage analysis(Face Recognition System Solution)

1. Optimizing algorithm, accurate recognition, fast speed, teaching other biometrics technology, higher scientific and technological content;

2. In the field of access control, the security level is higher, and it can be used in combination with other technologies.

3. Comparing one-card, no need to carry a card, fingerprint technology, more sanitary;

4. Recognition distance is long, and many places are convenient to use, such as parking lot.

5. Off-line, real-time, convenient networking, simple software operation and easy application.

6. Practical, scientific and technological, effectively improve management efficiency and image.

Function introduction(Face Recognition System Solution)

(1) System Management

The main functions of the module are as follows: the system management module mainly consists of eight parts: database management, data dictionary, permission setting, system log, machine setting, face information input management, data import and formula setting.

(2) Personnel management

Personnel management module is mainly the basic information of employees in the management organs. It consists of ten parts: personnel management, work card making, reward and punishment management, personnel mobilization, information change, resignation processing, dormitory management, training management, social security management, contract management, etc.

(3) Attendance System

The most important function of attendance management system is to count the attendance records obtained from the face attendance machine. The design of this system not only enables each branch to manage attendance independently and maintain and manage attendance records on its own, but also packages and uploads attendance information to the headquarters management center, which enables the management center to carry out unified attendance management for the entire staff. According to the requirements of the enterprise, the system design and personnel management system are docked. Attendance management can be divided into the following categories. Part: Attendance machine management, staff management, shift management, rule setting, report forms and queries, etc.

(4) Access Control System

Entrance guard management system is based on face recognition as a door opening tool, with the computer management system, to achieve room classification, access records, time statistics, anti-theft alarm and other security management.

The scope of access control management: All places that need to control the entry and exit of personnel, including office buildings, computer rooms, financial rooms, reference rooms, etc., can adopt different access control equipment in different places, and the same control software can be used in the realization.

The office entrance guard connects all the unit gates with the network, and manages all the door identification terminals through a certain number of entrance guard controllers. Through the unified data acquisition and verification interface, it formulates the corresponding entrance guard rules, completes the black and white list download of the system, and realizes the unified intelligent network management of the entrance guard system.

Parking lot management replaces the original card authority with face recognition authority, completes parking lot renovation or new parking management system. The system sets an effective recognition distance of 1.5 meters. When entering and leaving the parking lot, the identification authority can be passed by turning the window to the camera, and the security and operation convenience are much higher than that of the card-holding parking.

Visitor management system is installed in the security room of the organ gate, which can track and manage the data of temporary entry and exit personnel. It can also authorize visitors to enter and leave an office, control the entry and exit of foreign vehicles, etc. The system achieves security management by inquiring and counting the card reading records at the collection points within the prescribed time, processing the data and generating the entry and exit reports.

(5) Dining system in canteen

According to the characteristics of the dining hall of the government, the face recognition dining system is designed as a counting dining system, all of which adopt real-time consumption mode, and can make full use of the hardware resources. It can access the face recognition charging terminal in the original network system. When dining, as long as it faces the terminal with a smile, the machine can determine whether the diner is the authorized user according to the internal authority, issue a warning and a green light. Express approval, red light means no permission; PC software completes employees'meal report according to the number of consumption.

System topological graph(Face Recognition System Solution)

configuration(Face Recognition System Solution)

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