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System overview(Elevator remote video surveillance Solution)

With the development of society, the role of elevators is becoming more and more important, and the reliability of their operation has attracted much attention. Therefore, the installation of elevator monitoring system has very important practical significance. The purpose of elevator monitoring is to strengthen the management of elevator control system with the least human resources, provide more intuitive, clear, accurate and stable monitoring of elevator operation status, and then provide a variety of possibilities for equipment maintenance and fault diagnosis. High efficiency and safety performance of elevator control system. The network video surveillance platform used in this system is a new generation of network surveillance products, which combines digitalization, networking and intelligence. It can build a comprehensive cross-regional security prevention and control network that integrates image surveillance. The remote network video surveillance system is a remote video surveillance management platform based on the combination of broadband network and wireless network.

The platform gives full play to the advantages of ubiquitous network resources. The image information of scattered and independent acquisition points is processed through Internet to realize unified monitoring, unified management and hierarchical storage across regions, to meet the needs of customers for remote monitoring, management and information transmission. Users can use smart phones (IOS system, Android system, etc.) or computers anytime, anywhere safely and conveniently to view the operation of elevators in their own areas and control them freely.

Elevator remote video surveillance solutions adopt scientific, mainstream technology, equipment and concepts in line with the direction of development, with high degree of system integration and modularization. Reasonable design, concise structure, complete functions, practical, can effectively control and improve work efficiency, to meet the actual needs of monitoring work. At the same time, the installation and debugging of the system and the operation of the software should be simple and easy to master, which is suitable for China's national conditions and the characteristics of this project.

The system integrates many advanced technologies in the world, reflects the latest development level of computer control technology and computer network technology, and meets the requirements of the times.

Advantage analysis(Elevator remote video surveillance Solution)

1. Mobile fixed network coverage, the real realization of "any time, any place, any terminal" seamless monitoring;

2. Supporting real-time video surveillance, video recording, short message, MMS, Email, videophone and other forms of alarm, which can realize remote alarm linkage video recording and screen pop-up display;

3. Provide multi-screen login, Web page login, mobile Wap login and other client browsing methods;

4. The system has high reliability and docking with other supporting platforms, perfect business acceptance interface.

5. Business platform has strong business management and control capabilities, perfect business statistics, log, billing management functions;

6. Provide user self-service function. Installation, debugging and maintenance of the system have nothing to do with peripheral environmental equipment, and support automatic upgrade of camera software.

Function introduction(Elevator remote video surveillance Solution)

1. Establish a network system covering urban areas to connect video surveillance points scattered in various areas;

2. Video image monitoring is clear and smooth, and the speed of image display can reach up to 25 frames per second.

3. The system has good scalability. With the increase of monitoring points, as long as the front-end equipment is added, there is no need to install software.

4. Through the monitoring center, users can keep abreast of the situation of each monitoring area at any time, and can carry out 24-hour continuous real-time monitoring.

5. It has the functions of monitoring, video recording, playback, transmission and backup. Video images captured on the spot can be stored.

6. View the situation in the area through PDA smartphone or IE web page.

7. Achieve surveillance and control of unexpected accidents.

System topological graph(Elevator remote video surveillance Solution)

configuration(Elevator remote video surveillance Solution)

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