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System overview(Access control Solution)

Intelligent access control system is a management system based on smart card, card reader, control host, communication network, computer, software and other integrated development. Unlike simple access control, intelligent access control system is mainly applied to users with higher requirements for access control management. The system really manages the entry and exit of external personnel and internal personnel strictly. It can not only classify and control the entry and exit of personnel with different authority, but also control the entry and exit of personnel with time-sharing and time-limited control. It can store records and query records to meet the safety of enterprises and organs. Requirements, but also improve the efficiency of enterprise management, establish the image of the enterprise.

Intelligent access control system can select RS485 or TCP/IP communication, use electric lock or magnetic lock, card access and card encryption code to open the door according to user requirements or site conditions.

Intelligent access control management system is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, social organizations, communities, education and other centralized office units.

Systems software:

(1) System Management: Set up the rights of system administrators and operators.

(2) The management of issuing cards and the recording of personal data of cardholders.

(3) Setting up the main control module of the system, grouping and list management of access control.

(4) Monitor the switch status of each control point door, and alarm for abnormal situation (opening the door overtime, forcibly opening the door, opening the door in unauthorized period, etc.).

(5) Setting up the right of cardholder to enter and exit all doors.

(6) Set up the effective time period for cardholders to enter and exit the doors (including holiday setting).

(7) Set up a card, card + password, or open the door only by password (can be set on time, such as one/several doors open at a specific time, or one/several doors open only by card in the daytime, but must use "card + password" in the evening, etc.).

(8) Setting or removing alarm status according to region.

(9) Make a sketch of the floor structure and gate control status of the management area. You can directly control the opening and closing action of the door lock by clicking on the mouse.

(10) Signal linkage control with fire control, alarm and other equipment output (e.g. in case of fire or emergency, open the door of system control in time.

(11) Record the data of each card reading and opening. Search and inquiry can be carried out according to the time, specific door, specific cardholder, etc., and the report forms of entry and exit records can be automatically generated.

Advantage analysis(Access control Solution)

(1) Standardization and standardization

Because this system is a strict comprehensive system, in the design and construction process of the system, we should refer to all aspects of standards and norms, strictly comply with various technical regulations, do a good job in the standardized design and construction of the system, and select equipment video communication media and related equipment that meet industrial standards.

(2) Practicality

Emphasis is placed on the practicability of the system, and on the comprehensive ability and overall performance of the system.

(3) Stability and reliability

Advanced, mature and reliable hardware equipment, operating system software, application software, network topology and advanced and reliable data communication protocol should be selected to monitor project performance in factory and enterprise. The use of image monitoring system should not affect the normal operation of the monitored equipment. The local faults of the image monitoring system should not affect the normal work of the whole monitoring system. The monitoring system should have strong anti-interference and lightning protection functions. The system has the function of self-diagnosis.

(4) Openness

Considering the long-term benefits of the system investment, the design and selection focus on openness. The products in the image monitoring system conform to international standards and relevant national standards and industry regulations, so as to meet the scalability and portability of the system and make other computer network users easy to browse and query. The software and hardware of the image monitoring system should adopt modular structure to facilitate the expansion and upgrading of the image monitoring system.

In order to meet the requirement of future system expansion, the system reserves enough interfaces for system expansion on the basis of meeting the existing functions. The control parts of the system (software and hardware) adopt modular structure, modular switching matrix, internal bus and other technical measures, which can be easily and flexibly expanded to fully ensure the adaptability of the system in the future.

(5) Advancement

The system adopts advanced image compression technology H. 264, which can reflect the advanced level of today's technology. The front-end of monitoring system uses special chip to complete real-time image compression and ensure the stable operation of the system. The system can be easily upgraded to ensure user investment.

(6) Manageability and maintainability

Security system is a relatively complex system. When designing and constructing, we should consider making the whole equipment easy to manage and maintain, and thoroughly solve the problem that the system problems lead to the failure of normal use.

(7) Optimizing the ratio of performance to price

On the premise of satisfying the system's performance, function and considering its advanced nature in the foreseeable period, make the investment needed for the whole system reasonable as far as possible.

Function introduction(Access control Solution)

(1) Managerial function

Managers with managerial authority can set a time limit, cancel and reset the use of the sensor card through the monitoring terminal and the management host, and can set the deployment or withdrawal status for the management area. (See Software Functions for details)

(2) Alarm function

The alarm function of intelligent access control system can be divided into damage alarm, illegal use alarm and intrusion alarm. The control module monitors each module unit in the network by round-trip mode. When the system equipment and lines are damaged, the monitoring center will receive alarm signals. The unauthorized card or unauthorized open time reading card will also send the corresponding alarm signal to the control center. In the defensive state, when infrared detection detects abnormal vibration of moving objects or glass detection, alarm signals are sent to the system. The alarm mode can be acoustooptic alarm or remote alarm through telephone line. Duty personnel can find out the cause and location of alarm through monitoring terminal or management host, and can take corresponding measures immediately.

(3) Recording function

The main control module of the system has detailed records of every event in the system, such as the opening and closing time of each door lock, the number of door opening card, the reason and location of alarm input, etc. The main control module stores more than 50,000 recorded events.

(4) Auxiliary function

Linkage control can be achieved by setting up lighting power supply in elevator entrance, public access area, indoor power supply and air conditioning, and access control management.

System topological graph(Access control Solution)

configuration(Access control Solution)

Standardized terminal equipment:

Access control terminal

Simple Access Control Machine

Entrance guard attendance machine

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