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System overview(Intelligent resort Solution)

"Intelligent tourism" is a systematic and long-term task. Because of the extensive scope of the tourism industry itself, the construction of Intelligent Tourism is closely related to finance, transportation, environmental protection, municipal administration, industry and information and other departments. The promotion of "intelligent tourism" construction project not only benefits the vast number of tourists, but also promotes the rapid development of local tertiary industry and the overall health of local economy. Increase the employment of tourism service industry and enhance the overall economic level and social image of the region.

In addition to the single intelligent tourism products, more intelligent tourism construction projects need to be integrated, combined with the strength of advanced technology manufacturers in the tourism industry, we can support more systematic and complex intelligent tourism projects.

Intelligent scenic solution, from the perspective of fine management and personalized service for tourists, through a variety of information application systems, enhance the overall management and service capabilities of scenic spots. The solutions include: scenic area integrated control management system, electronic ticket intelligent management system, scenic area call center system, scenic area video surveillance system, scenic area mobile law enforcement management system, Scenic Area Intelligent passenger flow analysis system, scenic area multimedia display system, 3G emergency wireless broadcasting system, scenic area one-card management system, scenic area winged aircraft, and others. Information system.

Advantage analysis(Intelligent resort Solution)

1. Intelligent tourism starts from tourists and improves tourism experience and quality through information technology. Tourists can feel the brand-new service experience brought by Intelligent Tourism in the whole process of tourism information acquisition, tourism planning decision-making, tourism product booking and payment, enjoying tourism and reviewing and evaluating tourism.

2. Intelligent tourism enables tourists to obtain tourism information conveniently and quickly through scientific information organization and presentation, and helps tourists better arrange tourism plans and form tourism decision-making.

3. Intelligent tourism achieves information transmission and real-time exchange through Internet of Things, wireless technology, positioning and monitoring technology, which makes the tourist's travel process smoother, improves the comfort and satisfaction of tourism, and brings better tourism security and quality guarantee to tourists.

4. Intelligent tourism will also promote the transformation of traditional tourism consumption mode to modern tourism consumption mode, and guide tourists to create new tourism habits and create new tourism culture.

5. Intelligent tourism will realize the transformation from traditional tourism management mode to modern management mode. Through information technology, we can timely and accurately grasp the information of tourists'tourism activities and the management information of tourism enterprises, and realize the transformation of tourism industry supervision from traditional passive processing, post-event management to process management and real-time management.

6. Intelligent tourism will form information sharing and collaboration with public security, transportation, industry and commerce, health, quality inspection and other departments, and form tourism forecasting and early warning mechanism with tourism information data, so as to improve emergency management ability and ensure tourism safety. To effectively deal with tourism complaints and quality problems and maintain the order of tourism market.

7. Intelligent tourism relies on information technology to actively obtain tourists'information, form a system of data accumulation and analysis of tourists, comprehensively understand the changes of tourists' needs, opinions and suggestions, and related information of tourism enterprises, and realize scientific decision-making and scientific management.

8. Intelligent tourism also encourages and supports tourism enterprises to make extensive use of information technology, improve business processes, improve management level, enhance competitiveness of products and services, enhance interaction among tourists, tourism resources, tourism enterprises and tourism authorities, efficiently integrate tourism resources, and promote the overall development of tourism industry.

9. Intelligent tourism, through monitoring and data analysis of tourism public opinion, digs out tourism hotspots and tourist interest points, guides tourism enterprises to plan corresponding tourism products and formulate corresponding marketing themes, so as to promote product innovation and marketing innovation in tourism industry.

10. Through quantitative analysis and judgment of marketing channels, intelligent tourism has obvious screening effect and can cooperate with other marketing channels for a long time.

11. Intelligent tourism also makes full use of the characteristics of new media communication to attract tourists to participate actively in the dissemination and marketing of tourism, and gradually forms a self-Media marketing platform by accumulating tourist data and consumption data of tourism products.

Function introduction(Intelligent resort Solution)

1. The main functions of cloud data service platform for tourism are data distributed storage strategy and data exchange internal processing strategy, which can support massive data interaction needs, and support data format conversion of different applications according to needs. The subsystems include information service subsystem, distributed storage subsystem, cache and proxy subsystem, message queue, task scheduling subsystem and distributed computing architecture.

2. Travel itinerary record system meets the needs of national policy for the supervision of tour groups, greatly improves the real-time supervision ability of the tourism industry, standardizes the tourism service market, creates a good environment and order for the healthy development of the tourism industry, and also provides data support and assistance for tourism decision-making.

3. Through the construction of tourism collaborative management system, it can provide effective information exchange, statistics and distribution channels for the tourism industry as a whole. It has greatly improved the collaborative office and management ability, emergency response ability and collaborative management efficiency, and is an important part of the supervision of the Intelligent Tourism industry.

4. Tourism resource management system realizes the unified collection and management of resources information in tourism industry. Through the functions of data analysis and assistant decision-making, it improves the scientific decision-making ability of tourism administrative departments. At the same time, tourism resource data as the basis of tourism information application provides data support and data sharing for the follow-up application construction of intelligent tourism.

5. Tourism e-commerce system, through online transaction payment, promotes the rapid growth of tourism destination influence, visits and tourism commodities, which is an effective way of tourism destination marketing. At the same time, tourism e-commerce is the main trend of tourism development. The terminal extension of tourism e-commerce has played a good role in serving tourists and improving tourism experience. Through the construction of tourism e-commerce system, we can standardize the order of tourism online transactions and form a good environment for tourism online transactions.

6. Through the construction of the interactive system of tourism information, the real-time display of tourism resources can be realized, and as an extension of tourism e-commerce, it can better serve tourists; at the same time, it can enhance the overall image of tourism destinations, increase the score of tourism influence and information level, and promote the promotion and publicity of tourism destinations.

7. The tourism card system based on ID card can standardize the process of ticket selling and checking, improve work efficiency, improve management level and image of scenic spots. Give full play to the advantages of computer management, provide timely, complete and accurate inquiry statistics related to ticketing, and provide accurate and detailed data for daily business management and project decision-making. Eliminate the economic losses caused by fake tickets, human relations tickets and other bad acts. It is an integral part of wisdom tourism and is suitable for the development trend of modern tourism.

8. The ID-based tourism card system is a virtual consumption voucher for the tourism industry, which plays an important role in promoting tourism activities. Main Functions: Storage Value Consumption Management, Accurate Statistical Analysis, Tourism Points Management, Tourist Ticket Verification, Tourist History Management, Agreement Price Management, Tourism Finance Management

System topological graph(Intelligent resort Solution)

configuration(Intelligent resort Solution)

Standardized terminal equipment:

Card-swiping Consumption Terminal

Handheld Consumption Terminal

Desktop Consumption Terminal

card sender

Channel gate

Consumption Card Management Software

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