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System overview(Driving school training Solution)

The software of IC card driving school management system mainly deals with the overall processing of background data and the management of various resources, including the basic settings of hardware resources such as on-board learning opportunities, the unified issuance, authorization and recharge of IC cards, as well as the collection, transmission, query, statistics, financial management, settlement, statements, printing and other related business work. The system management software uses large database SQL Server as background database, Delphi as foreground development tool and advanced object-oriented programming method, which can meet the technical requirements of large amount of data processing and fast processing speed. It also provides a friendly and humanized all-Chinese operation interface, which is convenient, simple but powerful.

In the past, there were some problems in driver training management, such as the failure to monitor the whole process of trainees'boarding training, the failure to effectively prevent students' cheating and coaches'"skimping" training time. This system adopts advanced IC card technology, communication technology and database technology, and integrates driver training and management into a system for unified management. This set of IC card management system will record the whole process of boarding training with "iron face and selflessness", and coaches will be punished if they violate the rules.

IC card driving school hours management system conforms to the new driving school regulations of 2013, the requirements of driver training, and compliance with traffic regulations and the management system of driver training by the administrative department of the industry.

IC card driving school hours management system is mainly composed of computer, on-board learning time, on-board power supply, data acquisition device, contactless IC card, system management software, card issuer and other peripheral equipment.

Advantage analysis(Driving school training Solution)

Driving school training management system realizes the authentication of driver's identity information, which makes the combination of vehicle and student's identity effective, realizes the management department's omni-directional identity information management of vehicle and student, strictly supervises and manages student's hours, ensures that each student can meet the requirements of hours, prevents fraud of hours, and creates a safe, efficient and high-quality operation of driving training. System.

Driving school training management system is comprehensive, efficient, unified and intelligent. On the one hand, it can solve the safety management problems of driving schools for teaching vehicles and coaches, and supervise them effectively; on the other hand, it can verify the identity information of driving trainees quickly, conveniently, correctly and in real time, so that the identity information registered by the management center matches the identity of trainees on the train. So as to promote the effective unified management of vehicles, coaches and students, improve the modern management level of driving schools, and avoid unnecessary losses and accidents.

Function introduction(Driving school training Solution)

IC card driving school hour management system should be able to achieve the whole process of driver training management, to achieve the following functions:

Facilitate the management of students

When students sign up, they need to fill in basic information, which is deposited in their student cards.

The trainees must take part in the training with their cards. The system will time the trainees according to their IC cards, verify their identities and confirm their identities before starting the training. This can effectively prevent the trainees from getting through the training and replacing others. In addition, in the training process, the system will record the training information of the trainees in real time and accurately, and save it to the trainees'cards as the basis for assessing the trainees' training situation.

Adopt IC card encryption technology to ensure the real identity of the trainees and prevent foreign cards in suburbs.

Record the actual driving time of the trainees through the IC card swipe machine in the car to ensure sufficient learning time as the basis for inspection.

Software automatically records driving hours to improve work efficiency.

With IC card timing, the system can realize the management of driving and training vehicles and eliminate the phenomenon of "black car".

System topological graph(Driving school training Solution)

configuration(Driving school training Solution)

Standardized terminal equipment:

Vehicle Check-in Terminal

Data collector

card sender

Driving School Training Management Software

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