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System overview(Intelligent Water Control Solution)

Yonghao Intelligent Water Control System is a subsystem of Yonghao Electronic Card Management System. The system can also operate independently. The system is developed according to the current situation and management characteristics of water use in enterprises and campuses. The system uses electronic wallet mode to record consumption only. The water control equipment and the upper computer system are used offline. The consumption mode is one recharge, multiple transfers, real-time deductions and transfers. Nowadays, network management, real-time interaction between transfer records and servers, no need to collect terminal data, easy to form a large-scale system, multi-purpose card, easy to upgrade the system. The system is divided into timing and metering type, which is suitable for apartments, public bathrooms and boiled water rooms. Through system software, water controllers, management machines, cards and network communication, users can purchase water first, then use water, use more, use less, close valves automatically and stop supplying water scientifically. It is an ideal solution to the difficulty of water management in Colleges and universities, and it can effectively save water resources. It brings enormous economic and social benefits to schools and society.

The whole intelligent water control management system is composed of consumption management software, communication network and front-end equipment department.

Intelligent water control system is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, social organizations, public consumption places, communities, education, leisure and entertainment places, etc.

Advantage analysis(Intelligent Water Control Solution)

(1) Combining timing with metering fees, we should pay more, use less and charge less. We should not charge no fees, so as to understand consumption, consume independently and save water resources.

(2) The long running water was eliminated, the shower time was shortened, the turnover rate of shower use was increased, and the crowding of bathroom was alleviated.

(3) Change the manual fee to self-service consumption, and have information records, which improves the management level and eliminates management loopholes.

Function introduction(Intelligent Water Control Solution)

(1) Hardware with special waterproof design, adapt to high humidity and other environments.

(2) The company's proprietary technology is adopted, the encryption system is tight, and the data is safe and reliable.

(3) Automatic water supply control and charging can realize unattended, electronic wallet trading, avoid management loopholes and be more scientific and efficient.

(4) Charging and deducting according to actual water consumption or electricity consumption, starting at the time of water discharge or power supply, stopping at the time of water cut or power cut, and real-time deduction, realize individualized consumption, which is fair and reasonable for both consumers and contractors, taking into account the interests of both.

(5) Because of the deduction, users will consciously shorten the time of using water and electricity, and improve the turnover rate of water/power supply equipment, thus saving resources.

(6) Real-time charging and deduction, multi-use, not to mention. Users will turn off valves or power switches consciously when they do not need water or electricity, thus eliminating waste of water/electricity and saving valuable resources. Relatively also reduces the capacity requirements of water supply and power supply equipment.

(7) First buy the card, then consume, effectively solve the problem of investment in equipment funds.

(8) It has fostered people's awareness of saving, benefiting the state, enterprises and self-interest, and promoted the construction of spiritual civilization. IC card management is convenient and accurate, which improves the management efficiency and grade.

System topological graph(Intelligent Water Control Solution)

configuration(Intelligent Water Control Solution)

Standardized terminal equipment:

Water Control Consumption Terminal

Consumption Management Software

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