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System overview(Campus Card Solutio)

Campus card, mainly realizes the financial consumption function and identity recognition function of campus card, and realizes the function of "one card in hand, traveling all over the campus". In practical application, it is widely used in teaching, borrowing books, medical treatment, management, life and other aspects.

Campus card system includes the following subsystems: Campus card management center, dining room consumption subsystem, access control management system, bath subsystem, library system, supermarket card charging system, etc.

In the overall structure design of campus one-card system, taking full account of the current situation and future system expansion needs, multi-interface, open framework design is adopted.

Campus Card Center Platform System: It is the core layer of the Card. It consists of Card Center database, identity management, transaction settlement management, system management and other modules. It mainly manages all kinds of application subsystems and hardware terminals of the Card, and manages business flow and data flow.

The application subsystem of one-card system is the application service layer of one-card system on campus. It provides all kinds of application function management of one-card system, including card management, comprehensive inquiry, consumption, access control, attendance, meeting check-in, visitor management, vehicle access control, ladder control and other subsystems. Through all kinds of POS machines, card reading devices, card information acquisition, through the computer terminal, management of all kinds of cardholder information, cardholders to provide cardholders with all kinds of services related to cards.

Third-party application interface: Campus card system provides standard interface, open communication protocol, and facilitates third-party application subsystems (such as personnel management system, OA office system, etc.) to access the card central platform through a unified application interface, so as to realize data sharing and data exchange.

Advantage analysis(Campus Card Solutio)

(1) Establishing a uniformly managed campus card communication information platform, forming data standardization of all kinds of information, building a good digital space and information sharing environment, further realizing data transmission network, user terminal intelligence, Centralized Settlement Management in the campus;

(2) Establishing a unified identity authentication mechanism, and establishing a verification management platform based on the unified identity authentication mechanism to realize personnel information management;

(3) Closely integrate all business processes with the system, realize seamless connection between system functions and business processes, and promote the construction of networked hardware infrastructure platform in the base;

(4) To achieve unified electronic payment and fee collection management and vertical management;

(5) Establish effective interfaces between business systems, and ultimately realize the effective operation of IC card integrated management system.

Function introduction(Campus Card Solutio)

(1) Middleware-based application server: providing system access and access for various application systems.

(2) Web server: The basic system Web service platform is established. Based on IIS service, the system application of B/S architecture is provided. On this basis, the system provides application systems such as management center, clearing and clearing center, self-service system and so on.

(3) Application of electronic wallet: The main wallet is generally consistent with the electronic wallet, which mainly stores the cardholder's cash recharge and other account information, and keeps synchronization with the card center database. Each consumption forms a flow and is recorded in the general account. Mainly used in the canteen consumption, supermarket shopping charges, charges for various campus services, etc.

(4) Identity recognition system: Campus card replaces all or part of the functions of various previous documents (such as student card, library card, medical card, access card, etc.). Identity recognition is the verification of cardholder's identity in campus card application, mainly through the validity of the card, cardholder's identity, access authority, etc., in a separate or joint way. For different application environments, the way of verification is different. Mainly used in teaching management (classroom arrangement, curriculum arrangement, etc.), dormitory access control, regional access control, classroom access control and other places.

(5) Self-service system: It provides the self-service function of campus card customers by B/S client mode, mainly including personal account management, information release, loss reporting, password modification and other functions.

System topological graph(Campus Card Solutio)

Configuration(Campus Card Solutio)

Standardized terminal equipment
Car-mounted card brusher

Attendance card swipe machine

Water control card swipe machine

Consumer Card-swiping End in Buy Shop

Food and Beverage Consumption Card Brushing Machine

Entrance guard anti-swipe card terminal

School Communication Management Software

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