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System overview(Canteen catering Solution)

The canteen catering management system is a management system specially designed for the management needs of government organs, factories, mining enterprises, institutions, colleges and secondary schools. The system includes catering management software, computers, terminal consuming machines, radio frequency IC/ID cards, card issuing machines, RS485/TCP network and other major parts, in order to realize the catering staff, quantity, order, consumption, consumption amount, number of times. The management of settlement not only avoids the waste of manpower, material and financial resources caused by the circulation of traditional meal vouchers, but also avoids the falsification and loss of meal vouchers, the outflow of canteen welfare, the cross-infection of pathogens and other malpractices. It also realizes the financial day-to-month closure, and improves the efficiency of work and management.

Functional structure: Microcomputer food selling system of radio frequency card consists of three parts: computer control room, circuit and window toll collector. Computer equipment includes a computer, a printer and an uninterrupted power supply (optional). After the computer is connected to the network controller, it can control up to 100 radio frequency card toll collectors through the network. After superposition, hundreds of toll collectors can be networked, and the system software database can manage tens of thousands of people.

The dining hall catering management system adopts the consumer machine developed by Yonghao Electronics Co., Ltd., which combines real-time consumption with bookkeeping consumption. The system can be consumed online when it is in normal operation. If the network fails or the software is not running, it can be consumed on a single machine. Once the operation system is restored, it can automatically collect the consumption data in the terminal and switch to the real-time consumption state. Supports hybrid networks, while supporting RS485, RS422A, TCP/IP hybrid networks. Suitable for complex systems.

The canteen catering management system is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises, government organs, social organizations, communities, education and other centralized office canteens, snack stores, supermarkets and other living places.

Advantage analysis(Canteen catering Solution)

(1) The principle of simple and fast operation, whether from the point of view of administrators or canteen salesmen, we strive to be easy to understand, friendly software interface, easy to operate.

(2) Advanced principle, realizing automatic settlement of electronic amount and automatic aggregation of transaction data.

(3) System stability principle, MTTR > 10000 hours, to ensure the normal and accurate data statistics.

(4) Compatibility principle, no restrictions on the use of which card reader, Yonghao card swipe machine can match a variety of headers, and can read the corresponding unique card number. At the same time, the system can be connected with a card.

(5) The system configuration is reasonable and the system price ratio is high.

(6) Maintainability principle, in order to ensure the use of users, we make the system modular structure, easy to replace and maintain.

Function introduction(Canteen catering Solution)

(1) The canteen catering management system supports multi-window selling and multi-location recharging.

(2) Timely financial accounting, daily and monthly summary of the situation of automatic statements, at any time inquiry.

(3) Provide a variety of reports, according to the department, according to the name of the inquiry history of meals, a reasonable mix of dishes.

(4) Can be related to our company's card system, and wage system interface.

(5) Employees can be limited to group meals. Employees who should not have meals at a certain time should have voice prompts when swiping their cards.

(6) When swiping the card, the system automatically reports the name of the person who swiped the card, and displays the pictures of the person who swiped the card and the number of meals this month. (optional).

(7) Leaders can inquire various reports through IE, and network employees can inquire about their meals online. (optional).

(8) The recipes of the day can be published on the Internet, and diners can instantly learn about the meal information. (optional).

System topological graph(Canteen catering Solution)

configuration(Canteen catering Solution)

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