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System overview(Personnel Attendance Solution)

Employees'attendance work not only has a large amount of work, but also has a strong timeliness. In the past, enterprises mostly used check-in and report forms to manage the efficiency and transparency is poor. With the development of data technology, the emergence of attendance machine and the development of enterprise information construction, the use of computer to manage enterprise attendance has become the trend of the times. Over the years, Yonghao Electronics has been making unremitting efforts in the field of attendance pay management. Customers from small to several companies, large to tens of thousands of factories, all over the country, have accumulated thousands of attendance pay systems, accumulated a lot of experience, software support simplified Chinese/traditional/English and so on. The unique report design is more suitable for most enterprises, modular design can also be based on the needs of enterprises. The actual demand of the industry is tailor-made.

Personnel attendance management system is composed of system management software, attendance terminal, communication equipment, management computer, printer and other parts. The terminal hardware adopts Yonghao attendance machine series products, and can also use fingerprint attendance terminal and face recognition terminal according to user needs. The system is convenient for staff attendance and management departments to accurately and timely count the attendance time of each staff member, and can query, count and analyze the attendance time of each staff member at any time.

Attendance opportunity records the employee's work number and date and time in real time and stores them in the memory of the attendance machine. After that, the attendance record can be transmitted to the system computer through the network. The computer processes and analyses the collected data and generates various reports.

The attendance machine supports TCP/IP protocol and can directly connect to the internal LAN. It is easy to wiring and maintain.

Personnel attendance management system is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises, government organs, social organizations, communities, education and other centralized office units.

Advantage analysis(Personnel Attendance Solution)

This system adopts the advanced management mode, combines the actual characteristics of the factory and company attendance management, computerizes all daily manual work, solves the problems of high error rate of manual work data, confused management, unable to get the latest attendance data and salary data in time and accurately.

Due to the increasingly complicated requirements of personnel, attendance and wage management in modern enterprises, the situation of large workload and low efficiency has arisen. Many logistic attendance software fails to fundamentally solve the irregularity and complexity of shifts in most enterprises, and fails to really improve efficiency and efficiency for enterprises. This system provides you with a new concept of scientific management, with the use of non-contact reading and writing products, can simultaneously achieve attendance, wages, access control and other "one-card" management in enterprises. By using this product, enterprises can greatly improve efficiency, standardize management, and realize the management system, automation and modernization of attendance pay.

This system is a management software which integrates personnel, attendance and salary management. These three systems can be used separately or jointly. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful and intuitive user interface, strong practicability, good security and fast running speed.

A perfect attendance management system. Various shifts can be set to cope with the complex attendance system of enterprises and deal with various abnormal situations. Attendance intervals can be set arbitrarily on a monthly or weekly basis.

This system has changed the traditional cumbersome calendar scheduling, as long as this employee may work at one time input, by the computer according to the punching time and the previous day's shift situation, automatic judgment. Individual shifts can not be judged by computers, and can be handled separately through special shifts. This method greatly reduces the work of attendants and is a unique feature of the system.

In order to deal with special cases flexibly, the system also provides manual processing of attendance data. The attendance data processed by the computer is like a sheet of attendance paper placed in front of the user. It is easy to operate and has a friendly interface.

It can customize wage items, calculation formulas and print reports. On this basis, it also provides manual wage modification, which completely solves the complex and flexible wage calculation of enterprises.

Every input data is checked for legitimacy and input errors are minimized.

Multi-privilege users can be set, and system security is guaranteed. A perfect backup system can recover quickly and minimize data loss once files are destroyed due to hardware factors.

Function introduction(Personnel Attendance Solution)

(1) System Management

Personnel attendance management system management module mainly consists of eight parts: database management, data dictionary, permission setting, system log, machine setting, card issuing management, data import and formula setting.

Database management: In this module, Access2000 or Sql Server 2000 database can be selected. Especially the software Tengfei No. 1, which is based on the large database platform of SQL Server, has the characteristics of good security and high stability. It can process the attendance data of thousands of people and tens of thousands of people. In this module, you can also add fields in the personnel and salary scales to expand the application of the software and make it more flexible to use.

Privilege Settings: This function is a highlight of the software, which divides the operation privileges into functional privileges and data privileges. Through this function, operators can only operate specific data and functions, so that they can safely use different functions of the system (such as system management, personnel, attendance, salary, reports, etc.) in different departments.

Formula settings: In this model, the formula used in wage calculation can be set according to the needs of users, and for attendance analysis and attendance summary, the formula can also be set to meet some special attendance needs.

(2) Personnel management

Personnel management module is mainly the basic information of employees in the management company. It consists of ten parts: personnel management, work card making, reward and punishment management, personnel mobilization, information change, resignation processing, dormitory management, training management, social security management, contract management, etc.

(3) Attendance Management

Attendance management module is the core of this management system. It consists of 10 parts: shift setting, scheduling setting, leave overtime processing, data acquisition, data collation and analysis, attendance summary, original data modification, attendance detail auditing, attendance summary auditing and attendance exception handling. In attendance management, the following statements can be output: supplementary card report, abnormal attendance report (i.e. late and early absence), leave report, attendance detailed list, attendance summary report (by month, by year, by any date).

(4) Salary calculation

Salary calculation is the most characteristic module of the system. The algorithm is flexible and suitable for any enterprise. It mainly includes the following parts: establishing salary scale, setting base salary, entering salary, setting formula, calculating salary, adjusting salary operation, etc.

System topological graph(Personnel Attendance Solution)

configuration(Personnel Attendance Solution)

Attendance card swipe machine

Personnel attendance software

Fingerprint card brusher

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