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System overview

Contactless intelligent bus card swipe management system is a part of "one-card" of "Yonghao" intelligent management. It is a brand-new intelligent bus card swipe management system with computer management as the core, contactless IC card as the information carrier.

With years of customer trust in our IC consumer products, Yonghao Electronics will customize the design according to the actual needs of customers.

According to the actual situation of enterprises and institutions, Yonghao electronic bus toll collection system includes intelligent bus card swipe management system: contactless IC card swipe function, real-time data transmission of CDMA, GPS card swipe positioning. To achieve real-time control, saving resources and scientific management, and then to improve work efficiency, optimize the quality of service, consolidate employee relations, improve external impact, enterprise management effect.

Contact IC card management system is mainly composed of management host, on-board voltage regulator, card issuer, on-board card issuer, data collector, non-contact IC card, USB to RS232 connection line and other peripheral equipment.

The bus toll system is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, social organizations, communities, education and other centralized office units.

Advantage analysis

The modern information management system is based on IC card, bus card swipe management system application platform and computer system as information processing method. Unified clearing management of card swipe data.

On the one hand, it is convenient for employees to use cards to swipe cards.

On the other hand, the system will collect the information of credit card swiping to improve work efficiency, and ultimately provide a scientific decision support system and modern management means for the macro-control and construction of enterprises.

This paper comprehensively expounds the management mode, ticket card type, card making and issuing management, system functions, etc. It abandons some complicated and cumbersome technical parameters, makes it easier for employees to understand and accept the bus card swiping, and then builds a scientific and appropriate bus card swiping management system based on their own reality.

Function introduction

(1) Convenience:
Buses swipe their cards and do it in a flash. The latest non-contact IC card is used in the bus toll collection system. It is fast, convenient and directionless to read and write (only 0.3s is needed to complete the process of reading and writing), which fully reflects the identity of users.

(2) Safety:
Digital Technology, Key Algorithms, Authorized Distribution. This system adopts radio frequency technology and authorized encryption, which is safe and preventive.
Extremely strong: unified by the management center for IC card issuance, authorization and other operations.

(3) Reliability
Contactless IC card: passive radio frequency induction, using 3DES and triple authentication mode, self-provided judgment and thinking ability, stable and reliable operation. Strong anti-interference allows simultaneous multi-card operation, can be used in various harsh working conditions, more than magnetic cards and contact IC cards to reassure business managers, while providing solutions or cases to solve the problem of driver card not brushing, equipment automatic detection, when employees swipe cards found that the driver card is not brushed, will automatically record the driver card sign when employees swipe cards, staff swipe card record data sent. After arriving in the background, according to the field judgment of the driver's card without card sign in the card swipe record, the abnormal bus ride record report is generated. All cards record all card swipe behavior, including whether the card passes or not, and the reasons for the failure will generate the report.
Wireless Network Communication: Built-in CDMA2000 wireless module, realizes real-time communication between upper layer and terminal data, encrypts sensitive data at data link layer, and processes data redundantly to ensure data security, correctness and integrity.
Storage: Large capacity storage device, double backup storage, data can be saved for 10 years.
GPS positioning: Through the GPS module positioning information, collect the time and positioning information of swiping cards. After opening the GPS function, upload the longitude and latitude of the location every fixed time (settable, minimum 1 minute), and the error requirement of the longitude and latitude of GPS positioning is less than 10 meters.

(4) Practicality:
The bus toll collection system can automatically count various information, generate report forms and provide friendly and humanized all-Chinese windows. User interface is convenient, practical, simple and powerful.

(5) Flexibility:
The bus toll collection system can be used on a single machine and run on the internet. It can be flexibly configured and combined according to the investment plan.

System topological graph


Car-mounted card brusher

card sender

Vehicle Voltage Regulated Power Supply

Data collector

Bus card swipe management software

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