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System overview

The one-card management system of government units is a system developed and designed by Yonghao Electronics Co., Ltd. in accordance with the characteristics of information management of government institutions. The application of "intelligent IC one-card" in enterprises and institutions has become a good way to step onto a new stage of scientific management. It provides a brand-new way of life for people, that is, "intelligent, digital" life and work management mode.

Based on the technology of RFID, the system enables employees to realize all the functions of in and out, attendance, dining and parking through an authorized IC card. At the same time, the system can provide early warning for illegal intrusion and illegal entry to important departments, and link video surveillance to preserve evidence. Through a card management software, it can realize the management of each subsystem module and generate reports.

The system of access security (including access control), attendance, consumption and parking lot recommended by the scheme of one-card-pass in government units is implemented by the subsystem of one-card-pass integrated management system developed and designed by Shenzhen Yonghao Electronics Co., Ltd. It integrates staff attendance and dining hall consumption organically, and realizes the control of consumption authority, staff attendance management and data integration according to attendance conditions. The process of accounting and information inquiry is automated to fully realize the application requirements of the one-card system within the organs. The system uses contactless induction IC smart card as consumer electronic wallet and identity information marker, uses access control host, consumption card machine and attendance machine developed independently by Yonghao as middleware, cooperates with computer network and computer information system to complete the target function, and achieves the linkage with video surveillance system in the control of access management.

Yonghao has accumulated many years of rich experience in the field of intelligent identification system, and organized a group of senior intelligent identification technology experts, software and hardware development experts, engineering experts and enterprise management experts. It has carefully designed a set of smart card one-card solution that can fully meet the needs of large, medium and small government units.

The system is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises, government organs, social organizations, communities, education and other centralized office units.

Advantage analysis

The structure of the whole IC card system is clear and reasonable, each subsystem is interrelated and relatively independent, forming an all-round IC card intelligent management system.

Through the implementation of this system, we can improve the level of modern management, promote the process of informatization, realize the networking of management and improve work efficiency; multi-purpose card can provide convenience for the work, study and life of employees; and ultimately achieve the integration and maximum sharing of information resources.

Function introduction

(1) All the smart card systems of government departments and units adopt modular and standardized design, including: all smart card machines and computers adopt standard RS-485 bus or Ethernet mode to communicate, and provide interface software between machines and computers; software adopts [platform + application] model, which can expand the types of machines and software application functions arbitrarily.

(2) The system has a rigorous security encryption system, including password and password checking, operation function control, card swiping authority identification, system identification, validity period identification, card reading and writing encryption, communication encryption and other measures. With the "one card one secret" mechanism, the card can only be identified by the software and hardware in the system, and can not be decrypted and decrypted by business managers, cardholders, suppliers and other individuals. It can ensure data access security and system operation security.

(3) The system uses MS SQL SERVER network database and software of platform + application model. Each subsystem not only shares a central library (platform), but also handles its own business independently (application module).

(4) Each terminal can operate both on-line and offline. When there is a computer failure or network failure in the system, a single smart card machine can run independently. The workstations and servers of each business system are connected by network mode, and the business systems do not affect each other.

(5) The system can be easily accessed to intra-bureau LAN. Business applications are distributed on workstations of various business systems. Data processing is accomplished by data servers, and the two are separated. A firewall can be added between the smart card system and the enterprise network to separate the two, so as to ensure the data security and processing security of the smart card system.

(6) The consumption operation process of this system fully conforms to the national financial work standards and financial settlement standards, and its consumption data and attendance data can be entered into the wage management system of this system for settlement, and can also provide data exchange interface with banks.

(7) The cards, machines and software of the system must be initialized before being used. The cards of the system can only be read and written by the equipment of the system. The smart card system only recognizes the cards initialized by the system. White cards can only be initialized into user cards by initialization software on the card sender. All the reading and writing of card data are recorded by swiping card in the machine, and these records can be collected into the server database.

System topological graph


Entrance guard anti-swipe card terminal

Consumer Card-swiping Machine in Buy Shop

Cafeteria Consumption Card Swipe Machine

Attendance card swipe machine

Card swipe terminal in and out of parking lot

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