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System overview (GPS intelligent positioning solution)

In recent years, with the vigorous development of China’s economy and the advance triumphantly of urban construction, as the lifeline of national economy and social development, the transportation has initially reversed the situation of passive backwardness through policy support and heavy investment. However, the lack of cross regional compatible platforms, the difficulty of management, the low level of informatization and the backwardness of technical equipment are still the difficulties that hinder the modernization of traffic management. The application of GPS global satellite positioning system makes people see the hope of future urban traffic management intelligentization. It provides all-around services involves positioning, monitoring, warning and command dispatching, and information publish for motor vehicles of vast public traffic, especially for public security vehicles, taxis, long-distance passenger and freight vehicles, which is a high-tech industry that will produce great social benefits and economic benefits.

The vehicle GPS positioning monitoring system is composed of three parts, GPS mobile terminal GPRS/GSM (CDMA1X/CDMA), transmit system, and monitoring center

 System function structure and working principle

1. The GPS intelligent positioning system support multiple communication modes: The system support current various wireless communication modes, such as GSM, GPRS, CDMA, WCDMA, TD-CDMA.

2. The GPS intelligent system support mixed use of multiple GPS vehicle-mounted devices: The GPS monitoring management system can support common GPS vehicle-mounted terminals, and can realize the simultaneous use of multiple vehicle-mounted devices in the same GPS monitoring system, and has the new equipment installation expansion capability and secondary development requirements.

3. The monitoring center supports multiple levels and multiple sub-centers, and it should be designed as multi-architecture monitoring system.

4. It should support ultra-large-scale monitoring target network access. Each branch center of the GPS monitoring system center should support network access of 5000 vehicles at most. The design of system head center should have vehicles capacity up to 300,000.

Advantage analysis (GPS intelligent positioning solution)

1. Cost control: It makes real-time tracking and positioning of vehicles and supervision of vehicle operating conditions, rationality and irrationality of fuel consumption and supervision of fuel consumption. Compared historical routes, status, fuel consumption, mileage and various costs with reality (bus private use, false reporting bridges, tolls, energy costs), it is an important basis for the establishment of the vehicle management system.

2. Improve effectiveness: Science is the primary productivity, technicalization and informatization. The real-time update of vehicle position, status and other information establishes the fastest information channel with the dispatch center, ensuring that the dispatch center formulates the best scheduling plan and reduces the scheduling workload, achieving scientific scheduling, greatly improving resource utilization and turnover rate.

3. Improve safety: Strictly check various safety issues such as vehicle speed, route, fatigue driving, and emergency help to ensure life and property safer.

4. Statistics and decisions: Scientific statistics on vehicle mileage, fuel consumption, time, speed, orientation, alarm, and other various amounts of data provide a strong basis for higher-level decision-making.

Function introduction (GPS intelligent positioning solution)

GPS intelligent positioning system fundamental function: Positioning tracking, historical route replaying, over speed alarm, boundary violation alarm, remote control, mileage statistics, target lock-on tracking, remote power circuit, emergency alarm, positioning query, archives management, overtime alarm.

1. Positioning tracking
Real-time positioning
Continuously record vehicle position by default for 30seconds
The recorded parameters include speed, position, running direction, and alarm status.

2.Remote FCO (fuel cut-off)
Stop the oil: The center sends the command to the equipment.
Level-to-level administration: Advanced users can remotely shut down the oil and the monitor can only locate.
Recovery after FCO: The center sends remote command can restore the vehicle to normal and unlock the car.

3.ATA (Anti-theft alarm)
Custom anti-theft alarm: The device provides a custom detection harness that is docked with the original car alarm. The anti-theft device sends a burglary alarm signal and the alarm data is uploaded to the center.

4.Driving range management
Regional alarm: Alarm after the vehicle exceeds the specified driving range.
Alarm report: All alarm records of the vehicle are automatically generated to files.

5.Defend dismantle protection
Outage alarm: Upload power failure alarm after GPS power is cut off
Backup battery: The device can work continuously for 2 hours after power off.

6.Warning function
Line alarm: The vehicle exceeds the pre-planned line alarm.
Fence alarm: The vehicle exceeds the specified driving range alarm.
Emergency alarm: When the owner is in danger, press the alarm switch. The center must manually intervene to cancel.
Over speed alarm: It uploads an alarm when exceeding the speed threshold set by the company, with sound and light tips.
Custom alarm: Support 1-2 custom alarms, such as discharging alarm, vehicle to connect detection switch.
Outage alarm: If the battery is removed or the equipment is powered off, it must be manually removed.

7.Vehicle location tracking , multi-vehicle simultaneous tracking.
Promptly positioning: Query the vehicle position of current time.
The last position:Check the latest location of the vehicle uploaded actively.
Vehicle tracking: continuously position the vehicle, and draw a trajectory on the map.
Multiple vehicles tracking: Tracking and comparing multi-vehicle colleagues in a new window.
Support 4 kinds of map.
Support standard Mapinfor maps.
Support for displaying vehicle location mark directly on Google map.
Google Map: Satellite topographic map, plane labeling map, mixed labeling map.

8.Track playback
Track data saving: The track data is saved on the server and has nothing to do with the car.
Trajectory data download: Downloaded to the client computer by the server.
Track playback: playback vehicle motion trail for a period of time.
Playback pause: pause during playback, used to observe the driving process of a certain section in detail.

9.Segmental speed limit
Road division: Expressway, Ordinary road, city road, dangerous section.
Segmental speed limit: Different sections and different speed alarm thresholds are set to make over speed management more accurate.
10.Electronic fence
Driving range: The vehicle has a defined operating range.
Electronic fence: Convert the driving range into an electronic fence that supports areas such as rectangles and circles.

11.Real-time photograph
Ordinary photo: Take real-time photos of designated vehicles.
Multi-channel photo: maximum support for 4-way camera taking pictures by turn.
Custom photo: Use the two custom wire harnesses provided by the device to realize automatic photographing, such as opening and uploading, taking photos at fixed time intervals, setting the time to automatically take photos at a certain interval.
Alarm photo: Press the emergency alarm button to alarm and take a picture.

12.Types of alarm
Emergency alarm: When the owner is in danger, press the alarm switch to alarm. The center must have manual intervention to cancel.
Over speed alarm: Exceeding the speed threshold set by the company to upload an alarm, with sound and light tips.
Power outage alarm: Battery removal or equipment power outage alarm must be manually removed.
Custom alarm: Support 1-2 routes custom alarm, such as alarm when discharging, the vehicle has to connect detector switch.
The fence alarm: Alarm if the vehicle exceeds the prescribed driving range.
Line alarm: Alarm if the vehicle exceeds the pre-planned line.
Parking timeout: Parking exceeds the specified time.
Idle speed alarm: The idle speed exceeds the specified time.

13.Vehicle remote setting up
Setting inquiry: Query the GPS parameters setting in the device.
Remote reset: Restart the device to troubleshoot.
The remote IP changing: The server can be remotely modified when the server is replaced for any season.

System topological graph (GPS intelligent positioning solution)

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