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System overviews (GPS monitoring management solution)

With the development and application of information technology, various enterprises and public institution have continuously popularized the informationization of management, which has greatly improved the office efficiency of enterprises and institutions. The GPS satellite positioning technology is applied to enterprises and institutions to help it strengthen vehicle management, improve its service efficiency of the vehicles, and reinforce the security of its vehicles.

The vehicles GPS monitoring management system developed by our company is based on the needs of modern enterprise vehicle standard management development. The system is a set of real-time vehicle monitoring and management system on the basis of informationization mobile service and remote service.

So far, the system has already been applied in various aspects such as public security, bank, finance, post service, first-aid, insurance, taxi etc.

Vehicle GPS monitoring management system takes advantage of the most widely used GSM, GPRS or short message mobile communication network in China to carry out mobile data services. The data of the vehicle moving target (positioning information, help information, alarm information, etc.) is carried out by using the mobile data channel. The downlink data (query command, scheduling information, etc.) is also transmitted in this way, thereby realizing the positioning, scheduling, service and management of the transport vehicle.

Monitoring platform is connected through the internet to ensure the transmission of large amounts of data. The combination of wired and wireless solution has the advantage of low cost, unlimited number of accesses from the central control port, and no need to build a network.

GPS monitoring management system is suitable for campus, factory, and residential property management.

Advantage analysis (GPS monitoring management solution)

1. Construction cost: no-cost investment
This GPS vehicle monitoring management system utilizes B/S structure remote vehicle monitoring management system. The users only need to use internet to realize the management and monitoring of the vehicles, but no need to construct system platform, no investment of software or electronic map.

2.Monitoring and management style: Flexible, convenient and fast.
This GPS monitoring management system runs on network, easy to operate and no professional to handle. Just clicking the mouse can realize real-time dispatching management of the vehicles. It is with powerful function of one-to-one correspondence with the company’s management points. As the dispatching management can be performed at anytime and anywhere on the internet, including on-site scheduling, which can be operated by multiple persons without affecting each other, facilitating the operation of different management departments.

3.GPS terminal: intelligent, multi-compatible
Vehicle communication terminal intelligent, multi-interface structure, is compatible with various domestic GPS terminal products, and adapts to current and future requirements of enterprises and institutions. It can also meet the expansion of the system in future.

4.System maintenance: no worries.
The system construction, update, and maintenance are all carried out by the Cruise Glorious digital Technology Company, and the user only operates the system. This eliminates the needs of professional computer technicians to maintain the system without increasing human capital investment and system updates, and eliminating the need for system updates.

5.Security: reliable and stable
It prevents illegal users from enjoying services and prevents computer viruses from invading in the internet. Software design and data dispatching adopts error recovery and redundancy technology to ensure system security and accuracy.
The login of the GPS monitoring management system adopts the double protection mechanism of company number, user name and password, which absolutely guarantees the vehicle information data.

Function introduction (GPS monitoring management solution)

(1)Satellite positioning: For all vehicles equipped with vehicle-mounted terminal equipment, the vehicle driving route, speed, and direction parking position can be accurately determined.

(2)Continuous tracking: according to user needs, real-time vehicle tracking service can be provided.

(3)Help/rescue: Repairman, rescuers and vehicles are dispatched according to user needs.

(4)Remote control: Oil and gas control can be implemented for vehicles that have an alarm.

(5)Track playback: you can query the data of a car for any period of time, support large scale query of historical data for more than half a year, and display playback on the electronic map.

(6)Sub-window monitoring: multi-window tracking of monitored vehicles in real time.

(7)Report statistics: It reports statistics on whether the vehicle is moving, whether it is over speed, dwell time, speed distribution, and mileage accumulation, etc.

(8)Data security management: It includes user information security, device information security, and log information security.

(9)Geographic information function: Map zooming in, zooming out, and move. Geographic information query, eagle eye window depicting the geographical range of other current active windows, electronic maps of more than 320 cities in China, Beijing, etc.

System Topology(GPS monitoring management solution)

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