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System overview(Amusement park consumption card Solution)

With the acceleration of consumption rhythm and the change of consumption mode, people's demand for consumption is not limited to a single traditional consumption, but more in experiential consumption and humanized consumption. One-stop solution to a variety of consumer demand, to meet consumer demand and at the same time to reduce management pressure for our management team, is the goal of many of our consumer management.

With the continuous development and rapid expansion of amusement park, the diversification of amusement facilities and peripheral configuration, the variety of amusement park consumption types and consumption items, become a headache for amusement park management team. Finding a visual intelligent management that can not only alleviate the pressure of management, but also meet the needs of consumers efficiently is the common goal of you and me.

Demand analysis:

For consumers:

1. How to make consumers save more change-finding process, because amusement park consumption is often consumed in each different amusement facilities, so if you use cash, you must have trouble finding change.

2. How to create a fast environment? This includes follow-up of hardware facilities, of course, software facilities: cards, tickets and so on.

For playground equipment vendors:

1. How to manage cash income? Don't let cash flow go?

2. How to use the fastest way to know the turnover of the day?

3. How to know which amusement park facilities consume more? How to know the ranking statistics of amusement park facilities sales all day and even all month?

4. How to save the trouble of finding change?

5. How to attract long-term customers?

6. How to manage the sales of facilities and ports in various amusement parks?

7. How to analyze the sales situation and sales details of the facilities in the amusement parks? In order to choose the amusement park facilities. How to better gather popularity and make the business of amusement park prosperous?

The amusement park consumption management system builds an inductive IC card token model to realize the consumption income management of each amusement park's ports, single sales ranking management, detailed statistical management, etc. The amusement park management committee's preferential management, discount management, such as income management, staff management, inquiry management, membership management, customer information management, promotions management, etc. Management and so on, for the amusement park to achieve modern information management, set up an advanced information management platform, so as to achieve advanced concepts and technology, realize consumers "one card in hand, travel throughout the panoramic area".

System design principle: "one card in hand, travel all over". The amusement park consumption management system is applicable to amusement facilities, amusement park tourist cars, other places of consumption in the amusement park [snack shops, barbecue areas, parking lots, shops, leisure places], etc.

Advantage analysis(Amusement park consumption card Solution)

Face consumers:

1. Convenience. You can use a recharged card to realize consumption without taking change, which speeds up the purchase.

2. Safety. Loss can be reported and transferred, unlike the past, once lost and helpless.

Face managers:

1. Convenient operation, no change.

2. Improve work efficiency. There won't be such a lot of work as selling, collecting and counting tickets.

3. Scientific management. Keep abreast of the consumption situation, salesman's performance, best-selling goods and so on, so as to facilitate financial accounting and analysis.

4. Avoid cash loss.

5. Make full use of funds (to collect funds). Because it's saving first and then consuming, there's always a lot of money in the finance department without interest.

6. Not easy to forge. It is not as easy to forge as a meal ticket and suffer economic losses.

7. It is convenient to count the performance of various amusement facilities, and the system provides fast and convenient settlement function.

Function introduction(Amusement park consumption card Solution)

(1) Achieve "one card in hand, travel all over the panoramic area", and build an advanced information-based one-card management platform in the field of amusement park;

(2) Card issuance management: fast issuance of amusement park consumption cards and recharge management for consumers;

(3) recharge and refund: recharge and refund cards for consumers quickly;

(4) To eliminate cards and refund quickly after consuming for consumers;

(5) E-money consumption management: using card tokens to realize consumer consumption management with card at various amusement park facilities;

(6) When consumers consume with cards, they are prompted to swipe their cards successfully.

(7) Owner's management: realizing the management of the owner's operation and settlement of the facilities and ports of an amusement park;

(8) Implementing preferential management measures: discount management of membership cards can be realized according to the requirements of amusement parks;

(9) Membership management of amusement park can be realized: multi-level members can be realized according to actual requirements;

(10) To achieve the ranking management of amusement sales of various facilities in the playground;

(11) Report management: realizing various report management;

(12) Query management: realizing real-time query management of business status by enterprise leaders;

(13) Implementing operator authority management: the general administrator can assign the authority of each operator.

(14) Realize the operator's on-duty settlement management.

System topological graph(Amusement park consumption card Solution)

configuration(Amusement park consumption card Solution)

Standardized terminal equipment:


Handheld Consumption Terminal

Desktop Consumption Terminal

Consumption Card Management Software

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