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Product Overview (LCD consumer machine YHXF-9):

LCD consumer machine YHXF-9 set consumption, recharge, query in one, more powerful; can operate independently from the computer and the server is a computer data storage is another new alternative products; daily limit, limit time, excess consumption code, the card is valid limiting functions: to protect the security of user consumer behavior; fixed consumption / non-fixed consumption settings, features more massive; ordering, newspaper meal functions: first book, after consumption, eliminate food waste; consumer members integral function.

Features (LCD consumer machine YHXF-9):

1, from computers and servers run independently, is another new computer data storage alternative products;
2, military grade memory chips can store large amounts of data; built-in RS232, RS485, TCP / IP network communication, so that the accuracy of the data reaches 100%, to avoid inaccurate and financial loss caused by other factors to read and write cards;
3, set the consumer, recharge, query in one, more powerful;
4, the daily limit, limit time, excess consumption password, card lifetime limit functions: to protect the safety of users of consumer behavior;
5,499 kinds of Chinese consumption menu, man-machine dialogue more clear; fixed consumer / non-fixed consumption settings, more massive;
6, ordering, newspaper meal functions: first book, after consumption, eliminate food waste;
7. Member Points consumption function;
8 credit card interval settings: avoid repeated false brush behavior single card;
9, transaction error correction function: to delete erroneous debit conduct refund;
10, anti-overflow function: consumer records storage space alert the data collection, and stop credit card spending, prevent data loss;
11, can add a small ticket printers, dot matrix, thermal can be;
12, according to the actual needs of the external numeric keypad password;
13, the software is simple, easy to learn, improve reporting capabilities;
14, can be customized Traditional Chinese, English, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean and other languages.

Technical parameters (LCD consumer machine YHXF-9):



 Communication Interface

RS232, RS485 or TCP / IP

 External power supply


 Storage Capacity

 9999 record (except for personalized consumption)

 working environment

Temperature -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ 

Backup Battery

 5 hours

 Reading distance


 Transfer rate


Applications (LCD consumer machine YHXF-9):

Suitable for canteens, entertainment, shops, small supermarkets, sale of goods, services fees, franchise, integrating statistical and other purposes.
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